Pumping stations meeting high technical requirements of the most demanding client and all standards are produced at the production base of VECTOR 7 LLP.

VECTOR 7 Company specialists were repeatedly trained at the plants-manufacturers and will make qualitative calculation of pumping equipment specification upon your request and offer the most acceptance option according to price and parameters.

Supervising installation, startup works for liquids pumping systems, pumping stations.

Selection, supply and installation of industrial water treating systems.

Tailor-made development and production of automation systems for pumping stations control using SCADA-system.

Assembly and testing of pumping equipment and shutoff and control valves control cabinets.

Control revision, expert examination of water supply, fire suppression, circulation and water discharge systems.

Assembly and bench testing of pumping stations.

Designing of water treating systems.

Selection and supply of required technologies, equipment and component parts.

Modernization of existing water treating complexes.

Cutting and balancing of impellers, shafts alignment.