Supervising installation, startup of equipment of liquids pumping systems and pumping stations;

Vector 7 has been performing the works on supply, set-up and installation of pumping stations for 9 years. A great number of pumping stations for industrial and infrastructure needs were produced and put into operation during this time.

The Company provides complex services for the following systems:

  • Water supply
  • Heating
  • Pressure increase
  • Sewage
  • Fire suppression
  • Water discharge
  • Circulation
  • Water treatment and decontamination
  • Water filtration
  • Aeration
  • Foam extinguishing
  • Ventilation
  • Oil products filtration

The advantage of complex services supply by Vector 7 is extended guarantee obligations provided for equipment from authorized supplier and installation works of professional staff;

  • Selection, supply and installation of industrial water treatment systems;
  • Water treatment layout designing;
  • Selection and supply of necessary technologies, equipment and components;
  • Supervising installation, start-up works;
  • Modernization of existing complexes of water treatment
  • Tailor-made development and production of automation systems for pump stations control using SCADA-systems (Отдельный файл doc) обновлено
  • Assembly and testing of control boards of pumping equipment, fans, shutoff and control valves, lighting and other equipment.

Our Company specialists produce the control cabinets (power part) and automatic switchboards (low-current part) to control electrical motors of pumps, fans, to control lighting and other equipment. Taking into consideration that assembly of automatic switchboards is held in own workshop under the control of qualified specialists, a client gets individually designed production line control cabinet and post-warranty service of the installed automation complex.

Assembly of the control cabinets is held in accordance with the technical and design documentation developed. The cabinets are assembled based on both foreign and domestic component parts (as desired by a client).

Control revision, expert examination of water supply, fire suppression, circulation and water discharge systems.

Revision and expert examination of water supply systems are a complex task comprised of instrumental examination and visual inspection. Expert examination includes extensive analysis of technical specifications and analysis of general nature of system operation, including extreme loads. The result of expert examination is recommendations how to prevent failures of the problem parts or settle the problems already occurred.

Assembly and bench testing of pumping stations.

Production in strict adherence to modern needs of the consumers.

Production of frames and collectors individually for each type of pumps.

Pumping station test for operability on special bench in conditions as close to operation conditions as possible.