Manufacture of electrical equipment, as well as engineering and installation of SCADA  is the most important specialization of Vector 7 LLP. The company designs and installs the systems at reasonable prices. The key feature of the company services is advertency to all requirements of the client at all stages of the manufacture of switchboard equipment based on SCADA software package.


Automation Department of Vector 7 LLP develops and implement technical solutions in the field of automation engineering for industrial and office buildings and is engaged in the manufacture of switchboard equipment based on SCADA software package. The company automates the following systems:

  • technological and industrial refrigeration;
  • air conditioning and ventilation;
  • heating and water supply;
  • other engineering systems of buildings.
  • technological processes


Besides, Vector 7 LLP manufactures a wide range of low-voltage switchboard equipment, designed to meet the needs of industrial and civil engineering. The company performs engineering, installation and commissioning, as well as provides maintenance and repair of the products offered.


The company offers the following services:

  • Engineering of scheduling and monitoring systems operating on the basis of SCADA package (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). This software provides real-time remote access, as well as the collection, archiving, monitoring and processing of data on the infrastructure of the processes taking place in the automated engineering networks. As a result, the operator can quickly identify the problem and prevent accidents, preserve the history of changes in the parameters of manufacturing processes and control them remotely. This functionality helps to reduce the time and material resources of the owner spent on utilities operation significantly. Vector 7 LLP uses SCADA-systems for programming both multi-level and local engineering utilities. Engineering of the installation of actuators, sensors and programmable controllers is performed by DCS software product. Applied automation system provides the opportunity to develop functional circuits of the instrumentation and field equipment level, systems of information gathering and processing, carrier networks and individual stations.
  • Automation of technological processes on the basis of SCADA software product provides a significant increase in performance, production safety improvement, lower energy costs and a decrease in production prime cost.
  • Creating of unique automation products includes the development of required project documentation package. At the same time, the company’s specialists provide assistance in the development of the concept of feasibility studies and the preparation of technical specifications for engineering. Development of the projects of automation systems and equipment of air conditioning, cooling and ventilation systems is performed by automated engineering systems. Using this software prevents the appearance of engineering errors, shortens documentation development time and increases the quality of the project.
  • Development of applications and embedded software modules designed to provide data collection and analysis (evaluation of the equipment condition, backup technology information, testing and debugging of the system), configuration settings and parameters of the equipment, and, additionally, simulator-programs of production processes and SCADA based scheduling systems.